By: John Seelmeyer 

The ecosystem of the Interstate 80 corridor through northern Nevada — its people, its economy, its lifestyle — will be spotlighted in a series of videos that are expected to launch in late summer.

The video series, a brainchild of Reno-based Biometrix Studios Inc., targets audiences that range from corporate executives looking to relocate their businesses to families thinking about a move to northern Nevada.

Biometrix Studios — the company created last winter by the merger of VizKinect and The Zap Lab — plans to finance the project through production of individual videos for companies, educational institutions and local governments along the corridor.

Content from those individual videos, in turn, will be re-edited into the three videos that market the region, says Ky Good, an Executive of Biometrix Studios.

The three regional videos include:

  • A production on the development of the human resources pipeline, including looks at education and research.
  • A production about the business ecosystem of the I-80 corridor that includes material on the costs of doing business and the opportunities for companies in the region to boost sales.
  • A piece about the region’s lifestyle, including places to go and subcultures such as the culinary and music scenes.

A multi-media plan for distribution — including placement of the videos on the Web sites of economic development agencies and organizations involved with the promotion of Nevada trade — is planned for the completed videos.

Print, digital and broadcast advertising, including spots on northern Nevada radio stations operated by Shamrock Communications, would drive viewers to the Web sites, Good says.

The three regional videos are scheduled for release this autumn, Good says, with annual updates planned to keep the content fresh.  Production is scheduled to begin this month.

About 20 businesses and organizations have been targeted for the individual videos that will provide the financial horsepower for the projects.  The tab for three- to five- minute videos would run in the range of $8,000 to $20,000.

If Biometrix Studios is successful with its programming on the Interstate 80 corridor, it plans to expand the concept to the Las Vegas area, Good says.