For many industries, the inability to measure levels of viewer engagement, attention, and focus escalates training time and contributes to lower operator performance—costing millions of dollars per year. With VizKinect’s Attention Monitoring technology, important and dangerous systems can now be automatically controlled based upon the operator’s ability to maintain focus.


A long blink or a momentary distraction while viewing medical images could be the difference between detecting a cancer or missing it entirely.  The risks associated with missing cancers can not only cost a life but result in high medical cost and liabilities. This makes diagnostic image review a high pressure activity that requires full concentration.

At VizKinect, we provide biometric tools to speed up the review process for medical imaging, while increasing accuracy and effectiveness. When attention is diverted from the screen, VizKinect offers a safeguard to ensure images are seen.

How Does It Work?

The VizKinect Active Attention System uses eye tracking technology to detect when an individual looks at a screen and when they look away.  If a doctor, who is reviewing diagnostic images, looks away from the screen, the images will immediately stop playing When the doctor returns their gaze to the screen, the images will resume playing.


With safety risks at an all-time high, a security system is essential to keeping your employees, friends and property safe.

While watching multiple security screens at once may be impossible, the VizKinect high-tech monitoring system ensures that all movement on screen is seen, is recorded and is immediately sent to the appropriate personnel as an alert.

No more unseen activities, unpatrolled areas or delayed responses to emergencies. Make security your number one priority.


How Does It Work?

By using advanced motion-recognition technology, the VizKinect security system detects movement on camera and records all unforeseen advances.  Every movement is recorded, sent to the cloud and is available for review in real time. Alerts are automatically sent out to the security personnel.

This is applicable to security guards watching multiple screens, officers on patrol, and areas only monitored by cameras

Expert Training

Within the medical and training industries, the inability to measure levels of viewer attention, focus, and engagement escalates training time and contributes to lower operator performance, costing millions of dollars per year.

How Does It Work?

For optimizing training processes, we measure a novice’s attention levels and ability to maintain focus compared to an expert in their field operating under the same conditions. This allows for specific user-based analysis and training enhancements in areas where a novice falls short.