Our Team




Founder & CEO, Board of Directors

Norman has founded nine successful startups in the past thirty years, raising their annual revenue to over $100 million each. He has raised over $250 million in startup funding to get the ball rolling and has executive management experience in several fields, including cutting edge innovations in retail, technology, manufacturing, and international business development. Norman has started many successful joint ventures in Hong Kong, Thailand, and China–the average annual growth of which was 1500%. Now, Norman has VizKinect™ in his hands as his next successful business project.



COO, Board of Directors

Ky co-founded and sits on the Board of Advisors for a business incubator in Northern Nevada called C4CUBE (Center for Unique Business Enterprises) and an on-going business development and consulting company called iN3 Partners that focuses on entrepreneurs and early stage growth companies. Ky currently serves in varying management positions for several companies. Ky has also held executive and corporate officer roles for several startups and five years of sales and marketing experience for high tech firms. He brings significant expertise in eye tracking technology, U.S. and International business development, entrepreneurship, and applied engineering to the VizKinect™ team as the Sales and Marketing Executive.

Board of Directors


Robert Block

Robert (Bob) is best known for his groundbreaking work in communications, entertainment, information, and management technologies. He is the inventor and patent owner of over 150 issues U.S. and international patents. He is currently chairman of the Advanced Technology Committee of the National Energy Marketers Association.

Robert Rinehart

Robert (Bob) spent 16 years working in foreign countries as an executive and field intelligence officer with the Central Intelligence Agency. For eight years, he held various positions at a private university in the Bay area and has been a managing director of C4CUBE since 2008. Bob also founded the Global Resource Center and the Center for Entrepreneurship and co-founded 425 Launch.

Paul Sidlo

Paul Sidlo is widely-recognized as one of the pioneers in the field of computer graphics and 3-D animation and has been a producer, director and designer for over twenty years. His work has earned him numerous awards, including nine Emmys. He is Founder, CEO and Senior Creative Director of REZN8, a leading company in conceptualizing, designing and producing high-end graphics, multi-media branding and graphic image systems aimed to build/promote a brand by creating lasting relationships between the message and the viewer.

Richard Gerstein

Richard has 24 years of experience in the consumer product and retail industries. Currently a marketing executive, he has held key leadership positions with HP, Sears, Proctor & Gamble, Alberto-Culver Co., and Reflect.com. He has experience in the U.S. and abroad as a manufacturer and retailer.

Matthew Doyel

Matthew has been the director and senior researcher for the Healthcare R&D and vice president for the Live Well Collaborative for over seven years and has been with the company for a total of sixteen years.

John Ricci

John has over 30 years of experience as an adviser, consultant and interim manager for growth companies in the areas of financing, business strategy, sales and marketing, customer acquisition, and business development. He has founded a startup networking group and a private equity investor group as well as worked at the executive level for companies such as Makeadeal.co, Zortal, PureSense, Supply Masters Systems, JMC Telecom, and much more.

Stacy Friedman

Stacy is the president and founder of Olympian Gaming, LLC and has over a decade of professional gaming experience. He was the Silicon Gaming mathematician and has consulted as a game designer and mathematical analyst. He has a computer science degree from Harvard University.

Gary Goldstein

Gary, formerly a CEO, division head, and board member is the current CEO and founder of JuiceHounds, Inc a business coaching firm for fast growing companies. Gary has experience with startups and companies in many industries with a software-as-a-service business model. Gary founded BISNet in 1997, a software-as-a-service company, which successfully sold in 2005 and in 2008.

Carl Nesbitt

Carl has a bachelor’s in chemical engineering and a master’s and doctorate in metallurgical engineering. He has been teaching metallurgical engineering for more than 20 years and researching for 19, which has resulted in a number of patents.

Dayan Paul

Dayan has over 19 years of experience in computer art and has led teams in art, animation, and multimedia projects. He is the director of Antipode Entertainment and founder of Antipode Media Training, Digital Nightmare Arts, and Digital Nightmare Productions.

Bill Harvey

Chief Research Officer for TiVo.

Charlie Weber

Former President of LucasFilms.