Do you know if viewers actually see the products or brands you’re advertising through commercials or online videos? There are thousands of commercials out there. How do you know yours is getting noticed? It’s no secret that a well-done commercial can bring in huge profits, but how do you know a commercial is well-done? It’s a gamble. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Take, for instance, Samsung’s advertisement, Unleash Your Fingers. The commercial is visually stimulating and interesting, but our studies show that the audience only saw the product 20% of the time, and over 50% of viewers were confused by what the commercial was about. When asked whether the commercial made them want to buy the product, 70% had neutral opinions while 30% were actually less likely to buy the product based on the commercial alone.

I have the feeling this commercial cost more money than it brought in.

On the other hand, let’s look at another Samsung advertisement for the same product, The Next Big Thing is Already Here. In this commercial, people are lining up for a new cell phone that supposedly has all these great features, while actors who already use the Galaxy S3 are displaying a phone that not only has all these new features, but more. Though this commercial was shot more documentary style, it showed a significantly better audience reaction. Not only did the audience see the product 37% of the time it was visible, 100% remembered what the product was at the end. In fact, 60% of viewers were more likely to buy the product after seeing this commercial, and no one was less likely.

Now that’s what we like to see.

Wouldn’t you?

With VizKinect, you can actually make sure a commercial will be worth your money before you spend the time to get it there. You can do more than simply have users fill out questionnaires; you can see exactly what they’re noticing when they watch your video ads. Imagine how much easier it will be to make sure you aren’t throwing your money away when you can actually see what viewers are looking at.

If they don’t even notice your product or understand your commercial, why pay for it in the first place?

Don’t waste a single dollar in bad commercials again. The advertising industry is changing. The age of crossing your fingers and waiting for cashflow is gone. Now you can make sure your product is actually getting seen by the masses instead of disappearing in the massive commercial overload.

Still unconvinced? Check out our Samsung Advertising Report below to get more information on how the study was conducted and the actual numbers we came up with.

Otherwise, get started with VizKinect today and never worry about your commercials again.