TractusRENO, NV (July 17, 2014): VizKinect, a Reno-based biometric analytics and market research company, announces a long-term partnership with Tractus, a California based company, which has developed advanced technologies to accessorize ultrasound technologies to improve physician efficiency in the detection of breast cancer.

With their patented software, C.I.R.C.L.E.S.™, VizKinect specializes in advanced biometrics, such as eye tracking, and when integrated with Tractus’ Breast Mapper enables physicians to increase productivity. With increasing interest in ultrasound detection of breast cancer, VizKinect and Tractus will offer a unique solution to the medical industry.

Tractus’ Breast Mapper TM uses available hardware technology, combined with proprietary software data analysis algorithms, to accessorize standard ultrasound equipment to perform low-cost, high-throughput breast cancer detection. The system records, maps, and stores the ultrasound images allowing technologists to perform and record exams, and physicians to read the image sets later (in a quiet setting, without distractions). This unique workflow solution can reduce physician efforts by more than 80%.

About VizKinect: VizKinect, a Reno NV based company, was founded in 2011 and has developed software-based tools that offer biometric analytics for multiple applications to measure effectiveness of consumer engagement and detection of viewer awareness. VizKinect makes it possible for clients to actually see what is and is not getting viewers’ attention in real-time and their C.I.R.C.L.E.S. TM program can be applied to a wide array of applications, including advertising, product placement, and research. VizKinect currently works with advertisers to determine whether their video, digital media and print ads catch the viewer’s attention the way they are intended.

About Tractus: Tractus Corporation, a California based company, is commercializing a proprietary, low-cost, hardware and software accessory for standard ultrasound systems for the 15,000,000 women in the US who are underserved by mammography each year. Published clinical studies have demonstrated that ultrasound can double the discovery of small, treatable, breast cancers missed by mammography in dense-breasted women. Eleven states, including Nevada, have passed laws requiring that dense-breasted women be notified of their density status and instruct those women that they may wish to discuss the limitations of mammography, and the appropriateness of supplementary examinations, such as ultrasound, in their breast cancer detection decisions. Tractus’ Breast Mapper TM will greatly improve the physician effort in the breast cancer detection process.


Contact: VizKinect, Inc.
Name: Norman Smith
Number: 775-657-6025