Do you know if viewers actually see the products or logos you get placed in movies or TV shows? Everyone’s doing it, but does that mean they should? It’s no secret that a well-placed product can bring in huge profits, but how do you know a product is well-placed? It’s a gamble.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Brand managers and product placement agencies negotiate the cost of a product placement based on arbitrarily chosen measures on what makes a scene more “prime” than another, but there is little actual evidence that the scenes chosen actually draw more attention to the brand or detract from it entirely.

Take, for instance, Iron Man 2. Johnnie Walker paid good money to have their logo featured in a banner during one of the primary action sequences, by far one of the most attention-grabbing scenes in the movie. Of the 60 people we surveyed, the results may surprise you.

Absolutely no one remembered seeing the logo.
For the entire time the banner showed up on screen, viewers only actually saw it 5% of the time.

Something tells me that’s money well-wasted.

With VizKinect, you can actually make sure a product placement will be worth your time before you spend the time to get it there. At the very least, you can prove your point to negotiate a better price. Imagine how much easier it will be to make sure you aren’t throwing your money away when you can actually see what viewers are looking at.

If they don’t even notice your product, why have it there in the first place?

Don’t waste a single dollar in bad product placement again. The product placement industry is changing. The age of crossing your fingers and waiting for cashflow is gone. Now you can make sure your product is actually getting seen by the masses instead of disappearing in worthless backdrops.

Still unconvinced? Check out our Iron Man Product Placement Report below to get more information on how the study was conducted and the actual numbers we came up with.

Otherwise, get started with VizKinect today and never worry about your product placements again.