Security: Freedom from danger, risk, anxiety or doubt.

With safety risks at an all-time high, a security system is essential to keeping your employees, friends and property safe.

While watching multiple security screens at once may be impossible, the VizKinect high-tech monitoring system ensures that all movement on screen is seen, is recorded and is immediately sent to the appropriate personnel as an alert.

No more unseen activities, unpatrolled areas or delayed responses to emergencies.


  • Make safety your number one priority.

    Secure your facility with our high tech motion-detection system.

How does it work?

By using advanced motion-recognition technology, the VizKinect security system detects movement on camera and records all unforeseen advances.  Every movement is recorded, sent to the cloud and is available for review in real time. Alerts are automatically sent out to the security personnel.

This is applicable to security guards watching multiple screens, officers on patrol, and areas only monitored by cameras.